The BayTrust CoachForce programme aims to:

  • Create more and better coaches, coaching more often, contributing to increased participation in organised sport at a community level.
  • Encourage collaborative and strategic investment into sport between a range of partners.
  • Provide a delivery mechanism for the New Zealand Coaching Strategy.
  • To continually improve the quality of the coach education process, ensuring that coaches have on going pathways for future development.
  • Increase the recognition and status of coaches to ensure they are valued and that coaching is seen as a rewarding experience.

CoachForce originated with Sport Bay of Plenty in 1997 with 5 summer codes and progressed to include 5 winter codes. We currently have 17 codes represented, whose coaches are guided by their respective Regional and National Sporting Organisations Coaching Strategies assisted and supported by the Sport Bay of Plenty Coaching Team Leader. In collaboration we facilitate the regional delivery of coach education, coach development and coach recruitment and retention strategies

For more information about the BayTrust Coachforce programme visit the Sport Bay of Plenty Website HERE