Beach Volleyball Gear Hire:

1x Full Beach Volleyball Court/Net Hire - $50 Per Day

1x Beach Volleyball Hire - $20 Per Day ($60 BOND Required)

We want to help you play more beach volleyball though-out the year! We've got you covered if you want to train, coach, or just play beach games with your mates - Contact us to hire the volleyball gear you need!

To make a booking contact us at:

2 A-side and 3 A-side Beach Volleyball

When: Monday 21st Feb, 7th, 14th, 21st March 

Times: 6 PM, 6.30PM or 7PM

Location: Mount Maunganui Main beach 

Cost: 3 a-side $140, 2 a-side $90

Link to register

Rules: FULL FIVB Beach Rules 

Main differences include

- No tipping 

- Cannot set the first ball that comes over the net 

- Hand setting must be completely clean (no double contact/spin on the ball). 

- You can only set over the net if you are facing where you want the ball to go.