Western BOP Phoenix Inc

Contact: wbopphoenix@gmail.com

WBOP Phoenix Facebook Page: Western BOP Phoenix Volleyball


Chairperson: Amy Hunter 

Treasurer: Kylie Rae Bidois

Secretary: Franqui Leach

Board Members: Sage Hemara, Gavin Kemble

We are a recently established volleyball club based out of Tauranga which has been formed by a group of good friends who play (and love) volleyball.  Our club aims to promote volleyball by strengthening and developing all of our teams collectively, and by helping all of our members play and develop the best game in the world.  This will see some of our teams focussed on developing skillsets, and others playing volleyball at the elite level.  While we wish to excel, enjoyment (of the game, our team mates, our club and our environment) is a central pillar of the Phoenix.  Mutual respect, honesty and accountability are other hallmarks of our club.

Our club is run by a committee of committed club members.  Transparency and collaboration are important hallmarks of every decision we make.

We wish to extend our thanks to Holland Beckett Lawyers, Perry Preston and Enspire Consulting Limited, all of whom have been critical to the formation of our club.