VBOP Events Calendar 2023

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2023 League Info

Secondary School Beach League: Term 3

3rd of August - 21st of September (Thursday nights)

Social Beach League:

24th of October - 13th of December (Tuesday & Wednesday nights)

EBOP Secondary School League:

9th of October - 27th of November (Monday nights)​​​​​​​

CBOP Secondary School League:

12th of October - 30th of November (Thursday nights)​​​​​​​

Tauranga Volleyball Leagues:


12th of September - EBOP Volley Fest

14th of September - CBOP Volley Fest

17th of September - Friends and Family Social Beach Tournament

21st September - Secondary School Beach League ends


9th of December - Christmixed Beach Tournament

11th of December - Secondary School Beach League ends

13th of December - Social Beach League ends


9th of October - EBOP Secondary School League starts

14th of October - Mauao Challenger 1

15th of October - BOP Senior Beach Champs

24th of October - Social Beach League starts 

27th & 28th of October - BOP Junior Indoor Champs

30th of October - Secondary School Beach League starts