2023 BOP Junior Secondary School Indoor Volleyball Championships

Location: Mercury Arena, Tauranga


  1. 28th & 29th of October (Saturday & Sunday)
  2. 4th & 5th of November (Saturday & Sunday)
  3. 10th & 11th of November (Friday & Saturday)​​​​​​​

Final placings

Live draws for finals weekend - 10th and 11th of November


Girls finals weekend, Mercury Arena - 10th & 11th of November

​​​​​​​Girls finals weekend, QEYC - 10th & 11th of November

Boys finals weekend, Mercury Arena - 10th of November

Boys finals weekend, Mercury Arena - 11th of November

Past Draws 

Girls days 1 & 2 - 28th & 29th of October

Girls Sunday draw live

Girls days 3 & 4 - 4th & 5th of November
​​​​​​Boys days 1 & 2 - 28th & 29th of October

Boys days 3 & 4 - 4th & 5th of November


Girls days 2, 3, 4 and 5

Boys days 1 & 2 - 28th & 29th of October

Boys days 3, 4 and 5​​​​​​​

Draw formats

Junior Refereeing
All referees for Junior BOP Champs and VNZ Junior North Islands must complete the VNZ Junior Referee Course via the video linked here: Watch Video 

All junior teams are also required to have a good understanding of how to complete a duty including how to carry out the roles of 1st referee, 2nd referee, scoresheet and lines. Please use the following resources to ensure your team can confidently complete their duty PRIOR to the first BOP Champs day.

Score sheet
Watch Video

Line Judge
Watch Video

North Island Junior Championships 2023

Dates: 20th - 23rd of November 2023

For more information, click here

​​​​​​​Pool Results are determined in the following order:

1)  Number of wins

2)  Competiiton Points   

Match Won 2-0  = 3 points

Match won 2-1 = 2 points

Match Lost 1-2 = 1 point

Match Lost 0-2 = 0 points

3) Sets Ratio (Sets for divided by sets against) 

4) Points Ratio (Points for divided by points against)

5) The team that won the match between the equal teams


For results from 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022: Click here

Ranking System for 2022 (New) Click here

2020 BOPJSS Volleyball Event Manual/Rules: Click Here

Key Links:

For full FIVB rules, click here

VBOP Junior Development Tournament

We are going to be running a junior development tournament alongside North Island Juniors for those teams who are not attending this event. 

It will be an awesome opportunity for players and coaches to develop their skills, have a lot of fun and attend a structured multi day tournament. 

Live draw​​​​​​​

Live results

Registration link


23rd and 24th of November


Mercury Arena, Tauranga

Entry fee:


Registrations will close on the 15th of November. There is a maximum of 16 teams per gender, so sign up quickly!