BOP Secondary School Senior Beach Champs are back!

This tournament is aimed at competitive Senior Secondary School beach volleyball players who are serious about the game and are looking for a high level tournament to compete in. 

Draw for Sunday the 15th of October

When: 15th of October 2023

Where: Mount Maunganui Main Beach by Commons Ave toilets

Entry fee: $60 per team

All teams will be required to duty other games.

Maximum 32 teams (16 boys and 16 girls teams). Once we reach capacity, entries will be closed. If you wish to be put on a waitlist, please email Tymara at

There is a limit of 2 teams per gender per school. If spots are not filled, we will let everyone know and then it will be first in first serve to the last spots.

This will be a competitive tournament with medals for place winners. 

As this is the first time running this tournament, highest seeding will be given to players who already have points with VNZ. This means player names need to be included in the team name so we can seed correctly. If players do not have VNZ points, schools will need to seed their teams as they see fit e.g. Team 1 and Team 2.

Placings for BOP SSS Beach 2023: 


1st place - PAP Hitchens & Koning

2nd place - MMC Wagner & Walker

3rd place - WHS Julian & Byers

4th place - TBC Samia & Neilson

5th place - PAP Douglas & Davis

6th place - OTC Stewart & Yoo

7th place - MMC Perry & Herrick

8th place - BC Lee & Stockdale

9th place - WHS Julian & Peat

10th place - OTC Langton & Weissing

11th place - TBC Lee & Jennings

12th place - OTC Harman & Henderson

13th place - WHS Tebbutt & Robinson


1st place - OTC Rae & Bremer

2nd place - WHS McKane & Doherty

3rd place - WHS Growden & Prasad

4th place - OTC Kemp-Green & Douglas

5th place - TGC Krueger-Reedy & Lankshear

6th place - TGC - Randall & McNaughten

7th place - OTC Minshall & Blackstock

8th place - MMC Pahuru & Becker

9th place - MMC Southby & Sinkinson

10th place - PAP Midwood & Mastny

11th place - JPC McCashin & Renata

12th place - PAP Wawatai & Gilbert 

13th place - JPC Steiner & Toetoe