CoachForce originated with Sport Bay of Plenty in 1997 with 5 summer codes and progressed to include 5 winter codes. We currently have 17 codes represented, whose coaches are guided by their respective Regional and National Sporting Organisations Coaching Strategies assisted and supported by the Sport Bay of Plenty Coaching Team Leader. In collaboration, we facilitate the regional delivery of coach education, coach development and coach recruitment and retention strategies

How can we help you? The BayTrust CoachForce officer is here to give you all the support you need as a coach.

From one on one team practices to group coaching support, professional development opportunities and accredited coaching courses. Please contact us to have a chat about how this person can help you.

New COACHFORCE OFFICER Brittany Allison-Carnie. Contact email: or phone: 0212333741

2021 Sport Bay of Plenty Development Coach Advance Programme

We are excited to open applications for our 2021 Sport Bay of Plenty Development Coach Advance Programme. This 10 month programme is for our developing coaches and feedback from our current DCA coaches is that it has added significant value to their current coaching practices.

FOr more information including the programme outline, criteria and application form CLICK HERE. You can also talk with your CoachForce representative. To find a contact list for CoachForce Staff CLICK HERE.

The cost for the programme is included in the criteria. Coaches have previously been subsidised by their relevant clubs / RSOs and some others utilised the BayTrust Coach Scholarships. For more information on these scholarships CLICK HERE.

Though not a pass / fail programme, it is advised that coaches attend all workshops outlined in the itinerary as the learning provided in each session builds on the previous. All dates and venues are included to enable forward planning.

All fully completed applications will need to be endorsed by your respective RSO or by your sports BayTrust CoachForce representative and returned to SBOP by Friday 5th February 2021. Places are limited and applicants will be notified shortly after the closing date. 

We are excited about the year ahead and are looking forward to supporting you on your coaching journey.