VBOP Super League 2024

This is going to be a elite league targetting high level indoor volleyball teams. This league is the perfect opportunity to get some competitive games in before BOP Champs and Midlands. 

When: 15th of June 2024

Where: Mercury Arena, Tauranga

Cost: $100 per team​​​​​​​

Register here 

Teams will be required to duty.

For more information and questions, email Tymara here: events@volleyballbop.co.nz

We will be running the 12 sub rule for this tournament. 

Key Links:

For the Midlands zone Facebook page, click here

For more information on Club Nationals, click here

For club transfer forms, click here

For the 2022 zone league regulations, click here

For full FIVB rules, click here

The National Club Championships are in October each year and most clubs seasons build over winter towards this event.

VNZ Club Transfer Form
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  • Transfers must be sought and completed before players concerned can play for teams in the League – Transfers are needed for all players who have played for another VNZ Club within the last 2 years. 

Midlands League
The Midlands League was started as an extra avenue of competition or as a stepping stone for those teams competing or looking to compete in the Northern Zone and Club Nationals competitions.The Midlands League is made up of teams from all across the Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Taupo.Any club team is free to enter the Midlands league.

League Guidelines

  • Game start times are for the first serve. Tosses & net warmups must be held before those times. If a game finishes late, the following game (1st serve) on that court is to start within 20 minutes.
  • All player names (Surname and First name initial) - of players present - must be written on the scoresheet before the game starts – this must be signed by the coach and captain before the match starts. Players arriving late after the match starts can't be added to the scoresheet.
  • All players must be registered with VNZ (form on our website & the VNZ website) - Clubs have until May 19th to complete this – all players who have played for, or will play for a League team must be registered.
  • Match forfeits – teams must have at least 6 players present at the game start time, or otherwise the match is forfeited, leading to the loss of the Bond and loss of one competition point.
  • Duties – a minimum of 5 people are needed for duties listed on the Draw: 1st Ref (qualified, or under assessment), 2nd Ref, Scorer, minimum 2 linespeople.