Adult Sand Skills 2024

Come along to train and play for one hour! Develop your skills and learn the game of 2-aside beach volleyball! 

Dates:Thursdays 8th Febuary - Thursday 4th April (nine weeks)

Time: 6;30PM-7:30PM

    Grades: All skill levels welcome 


    • $75 for 9 weeks or
    • $10 a week 

    Payment:  Pay in full through the registration link or bank transfer. 

    Volleyball BOP 02 0466 0299526 000

    Please use the following references for payment:

    Please reference 'Your name'

    Particulars: 'Adult sand skills'

    Location: Mount Maunganui Main Beach by the Commons Ave toilet blocks

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    ​​​​​​​​​​​General Rules:

    Basic indoor rules will be followed for so that everyone can have good rallies.

    • Players on each team aim to hit the ball over the net with their hands, although it is permissible for any part of the body to be used to hit the ball.
    • When a receiving team gained the right to serve, its players rotate on position clockwise. The next rally then begins with a serve by the player who has just moved into the server’s position.
    • A team scores a point if it hits the ball and it lands in the opposition’s court.
    • A team may hit the ball three times to return it, but no player can hit the ball twice in a row including if it hits one part of their body and then rebounds to another part. A block is not counted as a hit and the same player can hit the ball again. After a block the team still has three hits
    • Rallies can be lost by hitting the ball out of play or into the net.
    • Shots may be blocked before they cross the net, as long as the blocker does not touch or reach over the net.
    • The ball can be directed anywhere into the opponent’s court.
    • The ball can be played off the net during a rally.
    • The ball may not be carried, pushed or dunked.
    • Teams will change sides at half time (20 minutes)


    • Serves are to be made from behind the base line and may be struck under or over arm with any part of the hand, fist or arm.
    • The server continues to serve until the serving team loses the point.


    • Rally Point Scoring is used i.e. The winner of each rally, irrespective of which team served, scores a point.

    Registrations will open on the 22nd of August

    Registration link