BOP Club Champs 2024

BOP Club Champs is all planned for 2024. This year it will run over 3 Saturday's to give players and coaches some time off during the weekend. 


- Saturday the 6th of July

- Saturday the 13th of July

- Saturday the 20th of July​​​​​​​

Where: Mercury Arena, Tauranga

Cost: $500 per team​​​​​​​ for all 3 Saturday's

Register here​​​​​​​

All players must be registered with VNZ to participate. Please follow this link to register:

Teams will be required to duty.

For more information and questions, email Tymara here:

Tournament guidelines:

  • Game start times are for the first serve. Tosses & net warmups must be held before those times. If a game finishes late, the following game (1st serve) on that court is to start within 20 minutes.
  • All player names (Surname and First name initial) - of players present - must be written on the scoresheet before the game starts – this must be signed by the coach and captain before the match starts. Players arriving late after the match starts can't be added to the scoresheet.
  • All players must be registered with VNZ (form on our website & the VNZ website) - Clubs have until the 28th of June to complete this – all players who have played for, or will play for a League team must be registered.
  • Match forfeits – teams must have at least 6 players present at the game start time, or otherwise the match is forfeited, leading to the loss of the Bond and loss of one competition point.
  • Duties – a minimum of 5 people are needed for duties listed on the Draw: 1st Ref (qualified, or under assessment), 2nd Ref, Scorer, minimum 2 linespeople.

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